As global demand for CBD (Cannabidiol) extracts continues to rise, as does the number of CBD retailers. However, the industry evidently lacks transparency as several CBD brands fail to deliver on their promises. The online cannabis industry publication, Leafly, recently tested 47 CBD products; with the results reinforcing the claims that not all labels “do what they say on the tin”.

Leafly’s findings were alarming, to say the least, as only 51 percent of products tested delivered to within 20 percent of the CBD promised. Additionally, 23 percent delivered less than 80 percent of the CBD advertised. And what is further alarming is that there was no sign of any CBD in 11 percent of the tested products. So, are CBD retailers selling customers short, or failing to test for cannabidiol or harmful residues? Well, when 15 percent of what was tested offered more than double the advertised CBD – common sense suggests that it may be the latter.

With such negligence, how do you find the best CBD products?

Is the Product Backed Up With Third-Party Test Results?

Whenever shopping around for a new CBD product, always check if it’s backed up with a third-party lab result. If you cannot be supplied with one, then steer clear. It would cost a CBD retailer within the region of £150 per batch to offer you an external analysis. Whereas a singular product can cost anywhere up to that amount.

Being short-sold on CBD is only the first concern; what’s worse is that the contents could also include heavy metals and/or pesticides.

Look For Reputable and Experienced Suppliers

With over one thousand UK retailers alone, where would you begin when looking for a reputable CBD retailer? A third-party test result should be an industry standard. Beyond this, what else is there to consider?

Does the CBD retailer make any audacious claims?

It’s no hidden secret that CBD is an excellent wellness-supplement with glowing customer reviews. However, recent hype has falsely touted cannabidiol to be a panacea. Should you see any CBD retailer making such outlandish claims then it is best to shop elsewhere. You are no doubt familiar with the phrase “snake-oil salesman”. As history has taught us, move on.

How much does the product cost?

You’re only human to like a bargain, but let’s be honest, you get what you pay for. Cultivating, extracting, and distributing a clean and organic CBD extract requires several professionals and expensive equipment. Be that as it may, shop around, you work hard for your money; but only bring price into the equation once you have short-listed what you believe to be a CBD product of the highest quality.

Does the company look professional?

Anyone in business for the long-term invests heavily in the foundations. Does the packaging look professional? How is their online appearance? How easily can you speak with a member of the company and what do they know about the product? It’s the little things that make a big difference.

Who is behind the company?

The current legislation changes towards cannabis-derived products have reinvented the term, “the green rush”. With that in mind, who is behind the CBD brand that you are considering purchasing? A business that cares about your wellness, will also show you a clear view of the companies vision. It’s all in the little details.

Buy Online or From Reputable Stores

You should most definitely avoid Amazon and eBay; following that, you should stay away from MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies. Physical shops are a hit and miss, you should most definitely avoid convenience stores and alike. Chained stores may be a reasonable option as they would have done extra due-diligence; however, to ensure that you are on the path to finding the best available CBD products on the market, it is best to shop with a brand directly.

Look For a Brand that Sources Organic Hemp

If a company sources organic ingredients, then it is more likely that they care about the smaller details. Brands that source organic pay that little extra, which signals that customer satisfaction is high on their agenda. Hemp is a relentless plant that can grow in almost any conditions, so look for a CBD extract that is sourced from a verified and certified farmer. 

How was the CBD extracted?

There are multiple ways in which you can extract CBD. However, the cleanest extraction methods are ethanol and C02; Additionally, it is best that you opt for either a “broad” or “full” spectrum whole-plant extract instead of a CBD isolate infused oil. A product described as a CBD whole-plant extract also contains a variety of the plants’ other molecules, such as its terpenes, flavonoids, and a wide range of other cannabinoids.

Purchase the Right CBD Products

There’s a slew of CBD products on the market. The optimum methods of consumption are the most traditional, such as CBD oil tinctures & droppers, CBD edibles, and CBD vaporisers. CBD topicals and creams have also proven to be effective. Do not buy into the recent “fads” such as CBD coffee or CBD water. Early research suggests that they are inferior CBD products with an additional cost.


Buying the wrong CBD products is easily done, but with a little patience and research, you can find the best CBD-based products on the market. Remember, look for a professional outlet where the employees possess product knowledge; always buy from a transparent CBD retailer who sources organic hemp who can back up their products with third-party analytics. Then comes quality, followed by the best product that works for you, and lastly, go for the best bargain!